Chopt Store Branding Photo


Redefining a salad fast casual with an updated and repositioned brand


Facilitate Chopt’s expansion in the saturated fast-casual market by updating their logo and immersing customers in a refreshed retail experience.

Chopt Motto Branding


  • Brand audit, strategy & identity
  • Content strategy 
  • Environmental design
  • Packaging design
  • Customization of digital applications
Chopt Environmental Design


The established Chopt brand was completely reinvented, from logo and retail environment to packaging and digital applications. Chopt’s new mantra, “experience better,” steered the design process and subsequent opening of additional Chopt locations. Now, when a customer enters a Chopt storefront, they are greeted by soft lighting and smooth surfaces crafted from natural elements. The space is open, the seating plush, and the food is showcased behind attractive lettering, inviting the viewer to indulge all senses.

Chopt Logo Design in-window

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