Amazon Marketplace Management

Grow ecommerce sales via the Amazon platform through brand empowerment and consumer advocacy

REQ is dedicated to growing and protecting brands and their products in the world’s largest online marketplace. We capture market share through advertising and leveraging industry-leading best practices to increase sales and revenue. We also commit to driving higher reviews and more return customers to products through a diligent consumer engagement program.

REQ manages and optimizes your retail operations and inventory to generate optimal performance. We strive for continuous sales growth and pull relevant and robust analytical reporting.

When onboarding a new seller, our team focuses on five phases in our go-to-market strategy: discovery, planning, optimization, brand growth, and consumer retention. Each of these phases address the requirements needed from a management and platform perspective for a smooth transition to successful selling on Amazon. We are equipped to handle ecommerce sellers of all structures and sizes.

Amazon has become a full-funnel platform and REQ offers Amazon-specific creative services for users to discover, research, and purchase from you. Our creative services keep your brand story and conversion flow both engaging and cohesive for an informational and seamless user experience.