REQ's Work Recognized by FierceCEO as "Critically Important"

Washington DC - March 9, 2018 - FierceCEO featured REQ and CEO Tripp Donnelly on the importance of reputation in building a successful brand.

“Reputation is the currency that drives a brand’s success in today’s digital world and REQ provides digital tools and solutions to promote and protect a brand’s reputation,” Tripp told FierceCEO. In 2008, Tripp saw that Google and other search engine results impacted reputation, and this foresight led to REQ’s inception. The company has continuously adapted to face the changes in both the media landscape and the needs of clients.

“We solve problems for clients,” Tripp said. “We try to figure out what a client's desired outcome is—in terms of their vision for their brand and their high-level goals—and then we deliver business results and position clients for the future.” FierceCEO notes the power of this approach: “While many agencies have website building capabilities, ensuring that the message reaches the right audience is a complex process. REQ, for instance, has on staff brand and marketing strategists, digital advertisers, data miners, creative coders, search engine optimizers and advocacy experts to provide a full suite of capabilities across all platforms.”

REQ aims to protect and elevate brands across industries, and its ability to acclimate in the face of perpetual transformation has been crucial to its success. Tripp summarized this in a final thought: “Adaptation has been important to REQ as we have grown. The services we deliver today weren't even envisioned when the company was launched 10 years ago and we have grown to be a company that solves problems within the digital ecosystem.” Read the full article here.