REQ is Now on UpCity

REQ is proud to announce that we have become a certified partner with UpCity, a digital platform created to help businesses find leading agencies and digital marketing professionals. Users can search by city or based on their specific needs. They can also leave reviews and give feedback about marketing agencies that they have personally worked with.

REQ understands that even B2B businesses rely on third-party reviews and sites like UpCity to find the best agency partners. UpCity allows REQ to showcase our full suite of digital solutions and services and the successes we’ve earned with our clients.

UpCity also helps us listen. From brand strategies to advocacy campaigns and Super Bowl commercials, marketing can’t be a one-way conversation. Reaching the right people at the right time with the right message means listening to clients and audiences.

Our team is passionate about innovative technology and platforms that help us listen to our clients and continue helping brands Own What’s Next., our own brand promise. UpCity provides our clients one more way to let us know how we’re doing.