RepEquity's Dashboard Update: Under the Hood

Since RepEquity's inception in 2007, our dashboard has driven much of our growth and been a great differentiator for us in the ORM market. We pioneered the practice of gathering, measuring, and crunching historical data related to the perception of individuals and brands through search engine results.

We recently revamped that dashboard, and are pleased to announce that the latest version is now live and moving through beta testing towards a full launch. The most obvious change is the refreshed user interface (below). But we've also built a better foundational database, improved load times, and redesigned the internal infrastructure to handle massively scalable deployment.

Our proprietary RepEquity Score metric has also been updated to reflect current user behavior and search trends. The score uses quantitative inputs from the top search engines, together with collaboratively defined qualitative data, to compute accurate reputation equity values in real time.

What does all that actually mean? Well, we've devised a unique (and, we think, mathematically correct) way to track the perception of a brand - in the context of search and social media - and measure it over the length of an engagement. It's based on the idea that roughly 90% of users never click past Google page one, and that relative click-through rates on page one are consistent and drive real value. We account for predicted click-throughs and impressions, and have helped raise the bar for enterprise level ORM metrics.

But we're not done yet. Even as we roll out the current version, we're hard at work on features that you'll see in the next iteration - including some that we think will shake up the ORM industry again.

For more information on our new dashboard, read the press release on