Momentum Advocacy Established by Joint Venture of BIPAC and RepEquity

WASHINGTON -- Sept. 14, 2015 -- The Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) and REQ today announced the formation of a strategic partnership and joint venture called Momentum Advocacy, which will dramatically strengthen the American business community's grassroots advocacy capabilities across the country ahead of the 2016 elections.

Momentum combines RepEquity's leadership in digital advocacy, marketing, reputation management, and technology with BIPAC's 50+ years of political intelligence and 15+ years in promoting employer-to-employee and grassroots advocacy through Internet technologies.  Momentum has developed a new open-source technology platform, based on cutting edge and flexible tools that promote citizens participation in the political process.  The tools are designed to deliver success over new and social media, as well as through mobile and traditional platforms.

"BIPAC's first Prosperity Project (P2) website came online in 2000," said former U.S. Congressman Jim Gerlach, now president and chief executive officer of BIPAC.  "Technology has matured significantly since 2000 and our members' needs have evolved.  We intend to deliver a best-in-class platform that meets and exceeds the needs of America's job creators and private sector employees in making their voices heard in the halls of Congress and at the state and local levels of government," continued Gerlach ‐ who joined the BIPAC team in June 2015 after serving 12 years in the U.S. Congress and 12 years in the Pennsylvania legislature.

"The formula for momentum is mass times velocity and that concept applies to advocacy campaigns.  Mass is the volume and authority of committed advocates, while the velocity alludes to the speed and effectiveness of communications," said Tripp Donnelly, chief executive officer and founder of RepEquity.  "Many BIPAC members have been building momentum for years with their grassroots programs, PACs, key issues, and their support for pro-jobs candidates.  In business, positive momentum and growth is always the name of the game."

Since coming online, the P2 network of companies, associations, and partners have delivered millions of educational messages on public policy, politics, and elections.  By example, RepEquity has been working with BIPAC for many years while managing eBay Main Street - a global grassroots community of small businesses and e-commerce advocates working to ensure their voices are heard by governments around the world.  This engaged and vibrant community has delivered millions of letters and petitions to legislators and regulators over the last few years.

Momentum Advocacy will utilize these proven strategies, technologies, and tools with BIPAC's additional member companies and partners.

Existing BIPAC advocacy websites are being transitioned to the new platform to empower the organizations' employer-to-employee grassroots, PAC, Get Out The Vote, and other government affairs activities for the 2016 Election Cycle.  Additional tools and services will be coming online throughout 2015 and 2016.

"Our goal is to create a new kind of a platform ‐ a flexible, scalable, secure, and dynamic tool ‐ that is unmatched by any other advocacy toolset on the market today in functionality and cost," said Eric Gilbertsen, executive vice president of digital strategy for RepEquity.

BIPAC Board of Directors Chairman John Pallat, president of Equinox Financial Solutions, and other board members assisted in the direction and formation of the joint venture.  "On behalf of all of BIPAC's members, partners, and supporters ‐ we look forward to bringing these new tools to market to provide a greater return on investment for organizations' investment into employer-to-employee grassroots advocacy," said Pallat.

Tripp Donnelly will serve as Managing Director of the joint venture and BIPAC leadership will serve on the management team.  BIPAC member and partner websites will be moved onto the new platform in a collaborative process that will work with each organization so BIPAC and Momentum can best meet the needs of their government affairs' program.  Additional creative, technical, and public affairs services will also be available.

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