Your Reputation Follows You – And Now, So Do We

But not in a creepy way. We promise.

The brand and reputation management space has, like everything else that flows through the filter we call Google, been flipped end-over-end in recent years as search results become more and more localized. It used to be simple to track your personal or corporate presence online: our platform collected keyword data over time pulled from the relatively standardized set of national search results. In those days, we didn’t see much difference in those search results from state to state, city to city, or neighborhood to neighborhood.

Now we see all those differences. Google’s shift to hyper-local results in many cases can skew the ability to report on a meaningful “national” search presence. New York-based media will typically dominate New York-based search, for example. And the same can be said for every media market, regardless of size. Your search results might be wildly different in Des Moines, for whatever reason, and you’d never know it until or unless you performed a search locally.

RepEquity’s reputation dashboard – now called Perceive™ - has adapted, and is now the first white glove brand management platform that allows for tracking search results down to the zip code. Now, instead of reporting back on national, or even regional results that may or may not truly speak to the way your brand is perceived by your most relevant audiences, we can select an unlimited number of those specific audiences – segmented by zip code – and deliver exactly what they are seeing, when they are seeing it. Our algorithm remains driven by the same underlying philosophy it was founded on, and crunches quantitative and qualitative factors to produce a RepScore that we monitor over time. Our internal team of SEO and ORM experts is then armed with the intel it needs to take proactive measures to influence that RepScore, and the search engine content that shapes it.


The end result is that we now have the ability to shape your brand and reputation – and provide detailed reporting on it – at the hyper-local level, anywhere in the United States. If reputation is defined by perception, you may have dozens, if not hundreds, of different “reputations” floating around out there online, all defined by locality. We’ve entered an era where enterprise-level tools are necessary to track all of that diverse content, and all of those potentially influential sets of distinct search results.

There is now such a tool: REQ Perceive™. 

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