What is the Value of LinkedIn for Businesses?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking site that is growing every day. It currently has over 347 million users, and redirects almost four times more users to companies’ home pages than any other social networking site including Facebook and Twitter.

Most businesses aren’t aware of the value that LinkedIn has to offer including generating business leads with important figureheads in respected industries and the ability to connect with users and groups in unique and strategic ways.

That’s why our very own intern group, the “IMI Rescue Team” has done its research to bring you valuable insights on this topic – how does LinkedIn allow businesses to generate leads? Take a look at the team’s infographic below for more info!

What is the value of LinkedIn for businesses?

LinkedIn gives businesses the option to join certain groups with definitive characteristics where they can connect with prospective clients and customers. Companies are able to quickly search and filter influential people and other companies and save them in lead lists to formulate organized groups of potential leads to connect with.

What’s great about LinkedIn is that it allows you and your business to connect with the people that matter. Instead of forming many pointless connections, Social Selling on LinkedIn gives you the ability to connect with the people that will ultimately help you reach your goal, whatever that may be.

What if we told you that you could find your top tier customers in less than one minute? Well, on LinkedIn you can. All you have to do is search by name, company or position to easily connect and build trusting relationships with the customers that are most significant to your company.

For almost every service, company or business today, word-of-mouth recommendations are everything. For example, you wouldn’t see a movie in theaters if it had a 2 out of 5-star rating on Rotten Tomatoes with horrible reviews, would you? Well, the same goes for companies and their services.

No business wants to showcase negative reviews, but with LinkedIn, your company has the opportunity to ask its best clients and customers to review and recommend your services to other top tier customers.

As if that wasn’t enough great information, there are many other tools on LinkedIn that businesses do not take advantage of, but should. For example, Showcase Pages allow your company to create distinct platforms for each section of your business in order to extend your presence on LinkedIn and reach out to the right people.

Display Ads are another optional tool on LinkedIn that businesses are not fully utilizing. They are used to reach a professional audience that is looking for advice and recommendations, and can be measured to determine the success of each ad. Companies are then able to engage with these users and introduce them to the brand early and often.

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