Takeaways from LinkedIn Marketing Labs’ Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

The REQ team is always excited to attend events hosted by our partners to learn more about industry trends and engage with new and existing networks. At a workshop hosted by LinkedIn, we dug into the newest and most effective strategies alongside 100 DC marketers for building a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn at Microsoft’s DC office.

Coming out of the workshop, we identified a few key takeaways:

Visuals are the new headlines

  • Don’t hide your insights behind a click. Tell people what you’re going to tell them with an image. Imagery is the biggest factor in engagement.

  • A joke can go a long way. Humor and creativity lead to measurable increases in engagement, especially at the top of the funnel.

  • Different objectives require different approaches. There is no one size fits all for content marketing - different types of content require different types of visuals.

The 3 Cs: Concise, Compelling, Clear

  • Remove the fluff. Include data points to show your content’s value.

  • “Learn more” doesn’t make people want to learn more. In a LinkedIn test, best-performing titles included “Is the new,” “The year of,” “The future of,” and “Why you should.”

  • Set clear expectations for your readers. There should be no surprises upon clicking.

Commit to testing

  • A/B testing is critical. Try calling out your audience, label it a “guide” instead of an “eBook,” or think about limiting your intro copy to just a link.

  • Think about leveraging your video assets for short, digestible attention-grabbers. Video is projected to be 80% of all web traffic next year.

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