The State of Search: September's Core Algorithm Update

On September 24, 2019, Google pre-announced the release of a broad core algorithm update that began rolling out that day. As Google generally only pre-announces significant updates, it is safe to assume that this was a larger algorithm update. In typical Google fashion, the search engine did not disclose information regarding specific changes to the algorithm, but we will likely have more insight in the coming weeks.

Outside of the broad core update, sensors picked up ranking shifts in the Google search results between September 12 and 18. An algorithm update was not confirmed by Google during this time, but the volatility experienced in the search results was in line with what was likely a Google algorithm update.

While it is still too early to determine what Google has changed in its algorithm, industry experts continue to emphasize link trust after client sites with aggressively updated disavow files experienced increases after September 13.

What does this mean for you?

At REQ, our search programs involve strategies that adhere to the guidelines set by Google, making them more resistant to algorithm updates like this one, which ultimately reinforce the rules that Google has already set.

Our team is evaluating the impact on your sites and those of competitors and will report on any major shifts in rankings and traffic. Per Google’s recommendation, our focus will continue to be on improving page quality as outlined in the QRG and E-A-T signals across site pages. 

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