The State of Search: E-A-T Your Way to SEO Success in 2019

With 2018 now in the rear view mirror, we can look back at the year with some clarity and draw out the search industry trends most likely to impact 2019 and beyond. From the emergence of voice search and the growth of Position Zero as a legitimate content goal, to the overwhelming amount of analysis and anticipation around the mobile-first index, we sifted through countless tactical insights with an eye on improving our clients’ search presence in every way possible. Beyond the tactical, however, we believe the central tenet to take away from 2018 was what SEO experts call the E-A-T factor: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust as primary signals for SEO performance. In short, this catchy acronym speaks to the importance of valuable and original content that aligns with an authentic brand, and is presented in the most user-friendly and user-trusted way possible. It means fully formed brands with a strong voice have an advantage. It means external forces will continue to impact the strength of your search results in new and powerful ways by leveraging trust. And it means SEO and brand are more connected than ever.

What does this mean for you?

Our role as your search marketing partner is always evolving, and in 2019 we expect to serve our clients by expanding our focus beyond SERP movement and associated page one goals to provide a deep assessment of your brand’s health and reputation. In order for targeted content to appear on page one and help shape your presence, that content must meet E-A-T standards. We will be on the lookout for opportunities for you to share your expertise, expand your reputation as an authority in your field, and earn mentions on trusted platforms. Overarching brand strategies must sync up with SEO tactics moving forward, and we are excited to help provide this synchronization.

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