Monthly Media Update: Video Advertising on the Rise

Search Engine Optimization

Google brings ‘continuous scroll’ to desktop search results. Will appearing on the first page of Google be less important now? Only time will tell. Users will now be able to scroll for more search results without having to click to page two, three, or more. 

Content, Social & Email

Pinterest predicts the emerging trends of 2023. For the last three years, 80% of Pinterest’s predictions have come true. So when they predict, we should listen. From superfoods picking up steam to front door decor to gamification of savings accounts - check out Pinterest’s predictions on what to expect in 2023

TikTok provides their “What’s Next Report” to help pave the way for 2023. Over the past year or two, has any other app had the influence on trends and culture that TikTok has? Their report helps brands and marketers understand what’s coming next, and where to focus their marketing efforts both on and off the app in 2023. Their three major trend forces they see are Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community-Built Ideals. Read more here.

Paid Search

Microsoft Bing to reportedly integrate ChatGPT into their search engine in March. Using this AI technology could impact how search ads perform within the Bing algorithm. If Bing switched to a chat format, or the feature became available and popular, that would change how people search for answers and products. It will be important to track the rollout, adoption, and impact it has on advertising.

Google trends to consider in 2023: YouTube advertising is more essential than ever. As the second most popular website AND search engine, plus growing focus on video content and streaming, YouTube should be a key component of most media strategies. YouTube provides opportunities to reach audiences of all ages and interest with the variety of content available, while YouTube TV’s continued growth provides even better ad formats such as non-skippable and bumper ads on larger screens and devices.

Paid Social

TikTok is increasingly becoming the best place to allocate video advertising budgets. Figures shared by New York-based media agency VaynerMedia from 2022 show that the cost to obtain 1,000 impressions from video advertising on TikTok is almost half the price of Instagram Reels, a third cheaper than Twitter, and 62% cheaper than advertising on Snapchat.

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