Meet Paul, REQ's New WordPress Developer

Paul Hrusa recently joined the REQ team as our new WordPress developer. Before joining REQ, Paul spent four years working as a freelancer and contractor in the DC area. Paul began working with WordPress after realizing that small businesses and organizations needed websites that their staff could easily update without requiring special software or HTML knowledge. These companies couldn't afford to pay top design firms to design and update their sites, so Paul began offering his design services and teaching businesses and organizations how to manage websites on their own.

Paul's former work as a freelance graphic designer taught him to be quick, adaptive and curious - skills that he uses every day as a developer, and that make him a valued member of the REQ team. What Paul enjoys most about working at REQ is twofold: the freedom to create and the team atmosphere.

Paul and his wife have lived in the DC area since 2006 and since then, he's seen the tech scene undergo a major shift. 'If I remember correctly, at that time the demand was more for developers with various language and scripting skills,' he said. 'Now the demand is more for people experienced with content management systems and integrating various content platforms.'

Would Paul like to see his five-year-old daughter, Stella, go into the tech field? That would be great, he says. By the time Stella is old enough to work, Paul believes that the tech field will need individuals who can focus on predicting outcomes and forecast ahead of trends. His daughter has plenty of time to decide though. Paul added, 'Right now she wants to be a Magical Chef.'

Outside of the office, Paul enjoys keeping abreast of popular culture by listening to music, reading, following sports and visiting DC's numerous museums.

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