Maximizing the Value of PR Coverage

More and more, our clients are using their media coverage as a means to an end — rather than an end in itself.  We frequently get questions about what else our clients can do with media coverage to maximize its impact, raise their company’s visibility or drive leads. Dan Simon, a Forbes contributor, recently posted an infographic developed by Cognito Media on this very topic.

They have some great suggestions, which mirror things we’ve shared with clients as well, including:

  • Ordering reprints
  • Promoting the asset via email using trackable links
  • Sharing the asset on social media and linking to it on the company blog.

Some of our clients have even taken things one step further and:

  • Written complementary content for their blog with fresh content that refers back to the original coverage
  • Developed a comprehensive social media plan.  Journalists will appreciate the effort if you drive significant traffic to their story. Be sure to thank them for the story and let them know about your promotional efforts.
  • Leveraged their newsletter as an additional publicity channel.  Media coverage is great for building credibility with prospects and other industry insiders.
  • Referenced media coverage in proposals and award submissions.  A great story from a reputable journalist can be a convincing factor in your company’s favor.
  • Posted the story prominently on their website.  If it’s a great story don’t bury it in your news section.  Look for ways to highlight this success while it’s still fresh.

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