Making the Most of Holiday Commercialization

Many people look forward to the holidays (and not just the end-of-year ones, either), but there is no doubt a certain subset of the population has a quiet disdain for the commercialization of our most popular holidays.

As a custom brand, it pays to listen carefully to the wants and needs of your target customer. This year, make the most of your holiday ad campaigns by crafting messages that resonate with everyone, whether they opt in or opt out of the holiday spirit. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, start thinking about the holiday advertisement message you want to convey and how it will best benefit your audience.

Holiday Ad Campaigns for the “Opt-in” Audience

The audience who plans for holidays early on welcomes offers, special gift packages, and similar ideas for whatever holiday is next on the calendar. In this case, the segment is less divided by gender, age, or marital status. It requires more customization than that, which leaves the question: how well do you know your customers?

Is your customer base reliant upon discounted specials and bargain deals? Are they more interested in luxury items and exclusive offers? Or, perhaps they want ideas to take a DIY route when it comes to holiday planning and gift giving. Before creating content for your holiday audience, answer a few basic questions about what your customers like and what would be helpful for them to receive leading up to a holiday.

For example, hospitality brands can take advantage during the winter holidays, including Valentine’s Day, by offering special stay packages. These can range from a date night on property to a staycation for the weekend. Customize the offerings based on targeted groups to be inclusive to anyone who is ready to plan and searching for deals.

Custom Brand Messaging for the “Opt-Out” Audience

On the other hand, not everyone is as excited to see new holiday products and decor ushered a day after the last holiday has passed. However, it doesn’t mean consumers aren’t going to shell out money regardless of how much they do or don’t buy into the commercialization.

Last year, ABC News reported spending for Valentine’s Day was expected to top $18 billion, which averages out to approximately $136 per person. It’s enough for custom brands to consider addressing this uptick in spending without being overtly obvious about its intentions.

The timeliness of your brand’s message may matter just as much as the added heart and holiday language that may accompany your February 14th ad campaigns or emails. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of holidays or not, everyone appreciates paying less for an item they want.

Additionally, good content never goes out of style. Custom brands can make it easier for shoppers by creating lists of unique gift ideas, which could be applicable at any time of the year, not just calendar holidays. This is an opportunity to highlight your best-sellers or new products without pushing the holiday agenda for the sole reason of it seeming like the right time.

Holiday advertisement and commercialization is real and here to stay. What’s important is listening to your customers and taking note that not everyone goes crazy for holidays. Although, they likely will still be interested in sales and specials you have to offer.

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