Is Lou Ferrigno the Founder of Dos Equis?

No, Lou Ferrigno is not the founder of Dos Equis. In reality, Wilhelm Haase founded Dos Equis in 1897 by brewing Siglo XX or what is now known as Dos Equis Ambar. But that’s not the sole purpose of this Lou Ferrigno focused article.

There’s a new (interesante) man in town to represent the Dos Equis brand. In March, Dos Equis shared a commercial spot that left a lingering question on people’s minds: Is Lou Ferrigno the founder of Dos Equis?

While most know a tall tale when they hear one, it didn’t stop the search query from trending after the commercial aired.

And yet, there was no complementing content to be found from the Dos Equis brand.

It would’ve been (and still could be) a prime opportunity for the brand to take up some SERP real estate and continue the story with its new leading man as part of a full content marketing strategy.

Start with the Story

Why not give the audience a little more and share information behind Lou Ferrigno’s “founder” history? By doing so, it would give Dos Equis a chance to rank highly for the “lou ferrigno dos equis founder” search query. A short blog that starts with “No, Lou Ferrigno is not the Dos Equis founder” would answer the query and provide an opening for more interesting “facts.”

  • Lou Ferrigno only drinks Dos Equis when working out.
  • Lou Ferrigno credits Dos Equis for his muscles.
  • Lou Ferrigno cannot be The Incredible Hulk without first drinking Dos Equis.

See where we’re going with this? By creating an entertaining narrative, it keeps Dos Equis top of mind and gives people something to talk about when they’re out enjoying the beer.

Promote with Social Media

The first blog piece helps with SEO and branding, while social really pushes the story out to the masses. By creating visuals of the statements shared above, there are several ways to repurpose the content and still make it fresh and engaging. This includes creating social gifs, video, and even a poll that lists two truths and a lie.

Dos Equis could take it even further and create a secret landing page with an incentive or special content only unlocked by completing a quiz or a gamified version of the ad concept. Using social media as part of the content marketing strategy allows the concept to stay top of mind and leave people wanting more.

Content Marketing for Brands

A holistic online strategy can turn a successful commercial into a longer lasting marketing initiative. It will capture SEO value based on the queries people are asking their phones and entering into their computers. And, it will create a story that is entertaining and worth sharing with friends, both in person and on social media.

Plus, content marketing opens the door for future opportunities to continue the narrative. With this foundation, Lou Ferrigno could have an adventure every season, all by playing off of one commercial and expanding on it with ongoing content. What this means is higher search placement, more engagement online, and greater audience reach for the Dos Equis brand. 

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