A Look at SMCDC's Summer Social from a First-Time Attendee

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of attending my first industry networking event here in DC. Months ago, when moving to the city was just a hope and a dream, I began following the Twitter account of the Social Media Club's DC chapter. The group holds a variety of events, from panels on corporate blogging to happy hours - something for everyone! Wednesday's event was the group's Summer Social, hosted at the chic restaurant and chocolate shop Co Co. Sala. For this month's event, SMCDC had partnered with ScoutMobDC, a new website sharing local deals through their mobile app. [The great thing about ScoutMob is that you don't have to pay beforehand and there's nothing to print!] There were stick-on mustaches and watermelon juleps abound (and, of course, I got to talk to some pretty neat people).

I was honored to meet SMCDC President and UNC alumna Rachel King, who was so kind to stop and speak to fellow Tar Heels for a few moments. We talked a little about what we did and how we got to our current positions. Even though Rachel is several years older than me, it was nice to hear that we shared the same reaction to our jobs: 'They're paying me to do this?! But it's so fun!'

Thanks to the SMCDC-provided nametags (not usually my favorite accessory) I was happy to spot the purveyor of one of my favorite DC blogs. Capitol Bites blog is a delightful look at the blogger's travels through hundreds of delicious dishes in the city. She and I ruminated on the frustration that comes with trying to maintain a blog on top of having a full time job and a social life and she shared some of her favorite restaurants near my neighborhood.

I also briefly spoke with a gentleman working as a recruitment coordinator (and self-proclaimed 'Director of Fun') at LivingSocial in DC. He's been there from the beginning, when the now 2,000+ employee company was just over 200. It seemed like he had attended many of the SMCDC events, so I'm sure he'll become a familiar face as I attend more events.

At Co Co. Sala I also ran into a college friend who's interning in Alexandria this summer. She loves the work she's done this summer, but as her internship draws to a close, she's hoping to find a permanent position and thought SMCDC would be a great place to meet people who are hiring or know of others who are. I also met a 2008 college grad from Kentucky was looking for a new job. I loved that she said she attended SMCDC events to meet other people interested in social media since her friends didn't share the same hobby.

Overall, the SMCDC Summer Social at was a great evening and I'm already looking forward to the next event. Judging from just the handful of people I met at Co Co. Sala, I know I can learn so much from this huge and amazing group of social mediasts (that should really be a word, you know).

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