Live Streaming 101: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Live

By the end of 2020, live streaming is expected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic, according to Go-Global. If you have yet to go live, your brand is missing out on a significant amount of brand awareness and potential traffic.

But, going live online is understandably scary. There’s no “re-do” button. It all happens in real-time.

That’s why it’s best to be prepared and fully understand how to live stream before you go live. In this quick guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about:

  • What gear to get for live streaming
  • Which channels to stream on
  • Which topics to live stream

Let’s get started.

Invest in the Right Live Streaming Gear

The equipment you use to live stream can make or break the experience for your viewers. Bad audio, dim lighting, and a poor connection can all ruin a live stream.

To produce top-quality live content for your audience, invest in live streaming equipment such as:

USB Webcams

As great as the webcams on our laptops are, they do have their faults. Instead, opt to use a webcam designed for high-quality live streaming, such as the Lenovo 500 FHD Webcam or Logitech StreamCam.

You may also consider purchasing a mini-tripod to perfectly position your webcam.


We’ve all participated in a video conference or call and know just how finicky laptop microphones can be. To combat this, add a condenser microphone to your live streaming equipment list.

Condenser mics filter out the irritating background noise that your laptop microphone picks up. These microphones can be stationary with a stand or clipped onto a lapel.

Direct Internet Connection

For a seamless live stream with no interruptions, do not connect to Wi-Fi! Wi-Fi is unreliable and can distort the connection.

Instead, connect via an ethernet cord to your router. Run a speed test before you go live, too.

More Tools for the Best Live Streaming Setup

As you gain a loyal following and a steady budget, you can improve aspects of your live streams by investing in additional equipment such as:

  • Audio mixers
  • Ring lights
  • Tripods
  • Live streaming software
  • Headphones

With these tools at your disposal, your live streaming setup will be top-notch.

Choosing Live Streaming Channels: Which Is Right for Your Audience?

There are so many places to stream live content today. The most popular social networks for live streaming include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitch

Each platform centers around community and fan interaction. However, finding the best live streaming platform is key, and it all starts with your existing audience.

If your company or brand already has an online following, look at which channels drive the most engagement. You may have a branded Facebook page, but if your Twitter following is far larger and more engaged, it’s a no-brainer!

On top of knowing where your audience is, think about the features you need for your live streams. Does one platform offer these versus another? Compare the features and possibilities available on each social media live streaming channel.

Or, if you want to stream across multiple platforms at once, you’ll need to invest in some of the best live streaming software available, such as:

Using these tools, you can simulcast your live stream to numerous platforms within a single portal.

Live Stream Topics: What Should I Talk About?

Every live stream must have a purpose. Common reasons for live streaming include:

  • Launching products
  • Interviewing industry experts
  • Presenting educational seminars
  • Announcing company news
  • Hosting live Q&A segments
  • Offering tutorials
  • Reviewing products

When brainstorming live streaming topics, always consider what your audience wants to see and hear. If your brand is centered around cooking products, then live stream a chef using your products to prepare a delicious recipe. Or, if your company sells automotive parts, go live and answer audience members’ car-related questions. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to Go Live?

Once you’ve invested in the right equipment, selected the best live streaming platform, and identified your topics, you’re ready to start live streaming. Our team is here to help accomplish your live streaming goals. Get in touch with us to craft a live streaming for your brand.

Let’s talk.