Katie Hanusik Celebrates a Decade on our Team

Our own Katie Hanusik reached her 10-year milestone at SpeakerBox, since acquired by REQ, this past weekend. To commemorate the occassion, the Washington Nationals tried to top her by playing the longest baseball game in Major League Baseball post-season history 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie since she started October 4, 2004. She started in a business development role for her first few years with us and then made the transition to the account oversight side of our business in the Fall of 2008. She knew our clients and team like the back of her hand, so it was a natural fit and she’s embraced and been wildly successful in the role ever since.

Katie is probably one of the most likable people you will ever meet. She is a really unique combination of practical, straight-forward, honest, kind, thoughful, and caring and also has a great sense of humor. Her approach to work and life is one that inspires the best in everyone. We’ve shared a wide range of successes and challenges, and through it all she’s been a dedicated cheerleader and teammate.

The inside scoop is that she’s most driven by clients and technologies that would cause most people to run scared in the other direction. She loves a good challenge, and our team and our clients are all stronger for her tenacity and drive toward results. Oh, she also makes a mean quinoa salad.

She’s so great that I’ve long since looked past her allegiance to Duke basketball. Even the best people have their flaws, right? 

Happy 10th Anniversary, Katie! Thanks for everything! We are so grateful to have you on our team.

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