Increase Your Blog Readership with Great Content

Our clients often ask us how to increase the readership of their blog and also make it a more effective driver of organic traffic to their website. While there are several things we often suggest, one of them is to vary the type of content you post. This article by WebBizIdeas on MarketingProfs expands on that idea and shares 17 different types of content that Google will love. Find the magic serum to get some love from Google, and you’ll find your blog and website moving up in the search rankings.

I’ve narrowed the list down to eight types that work well for the B2B technology community.  I’ve also included links where the REQ team or our clients have used these tactics to great effect.  Happy reading.

Interviews. This certainly holds true with the REQ blog. Our Influencer Q&As are some of the most popular articles on the site.

Lists. Lists (like this one) provide a quick and easy format for event recaps. We recently published Ten Tips for Analyst Relations after a Webinar on the same topic.

Polls and surveys.  SolarWinds frequently publishes survey results to their blog including this recent security and compliance survey.

Resources.  Everyone loves a high-value resource. Client MicroPact wrote a blog post earlier this year offering complimentary access to a Gartner research note.

News. Client Rapiscan announced their new narcotics detection technology on their corporate blog, rather than issue a press release.

Tell a Story: REQ's John Terrill discusses how low PR can go in this tale of “PR Payola.”

Predictions.  D.P. Venkatesh, CEO of mPortal, shared his 2013 predictions for the mobile industry in this post.

The Stupid and the funny.  And last but not least, if you need a laugh, take a look at Jonathan Katz’s recap of the McAfee scandal, aptly titled, “Tips For When Your Company’s Founder Is a Murderous Druglord.”

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