The Impact of Voice Search on Baby Boomers

Plan on integrating a voice search strategy into your 2019 marketing plan? Its technology is applicable to everyone, not just the millennial and Gen Z crowds. In fact, Google reports nearly 37% of consumers in the 50+ age group use voice assistant. Voice search devices are helping to empower baby boomer consumers and guiding them through the rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Voice Search Provides Easy Access to Information

“Search queries” is just the phrase marketers use to understand what people are wanting to know more about. With voice search devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it’s easy for baby boomer consumers and other to ask their questions out loud to a “voice” that will respond with what they’re looking for.

This doesn’t always involve making a purchase. It may mean setting calendar reminders, checking news updates, and other information relevant to them in their day-to-day lives. It helps people stay connected with ease and convenience. They don’t have to scroll through several options and articles online to find what they need. They just have to ask and wait for a response.

Voice Search Prompts Reminders

Baby boomers can use voice assistants to keep tabs on their health and wellness concerns. For example, voice search device users can program their units to remind them to take medications throughout the day, make doctor’s appointments, or even prompt them to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air.

As the technology continues to evolve, there are endless ways voice search can make a positive impact in the lives of baby boomers.

Marketing to Baby Boomers with Voice Search

In addition to the ease of search value and reminder prompts, voice search allows baby boomers to stay connected with their family and friends, which is a top priority for many. This baby boomer technology includes everything from making phone calls to remembering birthdays to requesting travel information for upcoming visits. Brands must pay attention to what matters to baby boomers most and create opportunities for them to easily access.

Experts forecast more than half of all searches will be conducted via voice by 2022. Marketers must understand how the baby boomer generation asks questions. It becomes less about the search query in a keyword or phrase format and more about the specifically asked questions.

This marketing trend will help guide content creation to ensure it is relevant and answers questions in the best possible way. Although younger generations guide the trends of many digital practices, the relevancy of baby boomers can’t be ignored. Brands who mainly target this audience segment can see huge success by taking their specific needs and wants into consideration regardless of how advanced the technology becomes.

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