How To Stop the Scroll and Create TikTok Ads That Convert

Did you know TikTok had 1.4 billion monthly active users in 2022? In 2023, that number is expected to grow to 1.8 billion. TikTok is no longer just for Gen Z and dance challenge videos; the fastest growing demographic is those aged 35 - 45. That 45+ market now has 20 million users in the US alone. If your business is struggling to understand the power behind the TikTok algorithm then watch the video below to better understand the following:

  • The Characteristics of a Winning TikTok Ad
  • How to Measure & Track Success
  • Tips and Tricks on How to Stop the Scroll and Create Ads That Convert 

Characteristics of a Winning TikTok Ad:

  • The Hook: Attention spans are short, so you have to get their attention quickly (within the first 3 seconds). Effective hook styles to use:
    • Pattern Interrupt (Be polarizing)
    • Ask A Question (What if… Did you know… Why are you…)
    • Problem / Solution 
    • Case Studies (Showcase desirable results)
    • Education / Value Hook (Lead with value)
  • Direct Response (DR) Creative: 
    • Say it Directly - Speak to the camera and break the fourth-wall
    • See it Fast - Let viewers see the product upfront; keep videos short and punchy (15 - 30 seconds)
    • Show it Off - Show the product and how it works
    • Shoot it Lo-Fi - Don’t make creative that feels overly polished; shoot it on your phone
    • Sub It - Overlay text to convey value props; test ads on stickers such as display cards to increase engagement
    • Send ‘em off - Have a CTA for viewers to follow

Tips & Tricks

  • Collaborate with Influencers
    • Identify the right influencers by applying relevant filters in TikTok’s Creator Marketplace 
    • Create mutually beneficial collaborations
    • Leverage influencer audience and credibility
    • Establish clear goals and expectations
  • Set Up Your DR Campaigns for Success
    • Step 1: Gather Learnings/Build Audiences
      • Conversion campaign optimized for View Content with Broad Targeting
    • Step 2: Targeting Test/Move Down Funnel
      • Conversion campaign optimized for Add to Cart with Broad and Interest/Behaviors segments
    • Steps 3 and 4: Move to Purchase Objective    
      • Conversion campaign optimized for Initiate Checkout / Complete Payment with Interests/Behaviors, Lookalike targeting and Retargeting
    • Step 5: Complete Payment Learning Phase
      • Conversion campaign optimized for Complete Payment with Top Performing Audiences

*Only move to the next step once the goal in next stage is hitting 50 conversions per week

  • Train Your Algorithm to Show You What Your Customers See
    • The 007 Method
      • Open the app and click the search icon (top right)
      • Search a keyword related to your product/service
      • Filter (top right)
        • Sort by: Like Count
        • Date Posted: This month /This week
    • What works organically, will work in ads
    • BONUS: Spy on competitor ads with TikTok Top Ads Library

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