How to Choose a Marketing Agency

Not all digital marketing agencies are created equally. Finding, choosing, and partnering with the right marketing agency can truly make or break a business. Let’s look at five important marketing factors to consider that go into choosing a marketing agency for your brand. Do this right and you’ll leverage the expertise, experience, and insights of a dedicated team solely focused on growing your brand’s performance.

1. Communication

The company’s culture acts as a wireframe for these personalities to work harmoniously under one roof. A high level of effective communication means an optimized level of performance for your company’s business and campaign goals. If you are comfortable with both the company culture and the unique personalities of those you’ll interface with, you’ll be one step closer to selecting the ideal digital marketing agency for your brand under a true partnership.

2. Curiosity

It may have killed the cat, but a lack of outward curiosity in this field is an indicator that a marketing agency may not be right for you. Agencies must demonstrate a willingness and appetite to learn about the nuances and fluctuations of your brand and then, leverage their own expertise to help move the brand in the right direction. Yes, you’ll want a marketing partner that is decisive and can use their own sense of context to help make decisions, but an agency partner that listens, learns, and understands your business goals is key.

3. Flexibility

There are numerous compelling reasons for hiring an outside marketing agency versus employing an in-house marketing person or team. A big one is the flexibility factor. An outside firm can pivot and remain pliable even when supporting a large brand that can’t or won’t necessarily change overnight. Choose a marketing agency with a proven track record of working on the leading edge of industry trends while staying focused on proven marketing tactics.

4. Knowledge and Expertise

A top marketing agency will do a terrific job of marketing their own capabilities. Investigate their own in-house marketing team to learn more about what they’ve accomplished over the past several years. Look for key client testimonials, business-relevant examples of high-impact marketing campaigns, and a team of smart, savvy expert marketers who are just as committed to learning the latest trends and tactics as they are growing brands. The best players are strategic thinkers, but also seek a marketing agency that understands the human element of the digital marketing industry and your brand.

5. Case Studies

Ask each potential agency for case studies to determine past success rates and opportunities. You’ll want the agency to get to know your business and be in partnership with you long enough to gather plenty of data and enact next steps to grow your brand. It’s helpful if they can provide instances where they’ve delivered results for companies in your industry or with similar business challenges.

Choosing the right marketing agency is one of the most important steps you can take toward maximizing your business. Consider what’s most important to your goals as you make a decision and see where prospects measure up.

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