How to Avoid Influencer Marketing Fatigue

Influencers are still one of the best ways to promote a product in an authentic and honest way – but like anything else, it can get stale if not managed appropriately. With influencers poised to drive $10 billion in revenues by the start of 2020, now is the time to work with influencers to create the ideal brand marketing relationship. Learn how to maximize the influencer angle, all while minimizing the dreaded, but all-too-real influencer marketing fatigue.

Integrate New, Micro-Influencers

We can easily recite the names of three or four macro influencers at will, but what about the smaller ones who add value but aren’t front-page fodder at the grocery store checkout line? The cumulative marketing power of a hundred or thousand micro influencers can trump that of one big “high-visibility” individuals. Plus, the fate of the brand won’t be tied so closely to one pivotal person. We’ve seen that take a turn for the worse before. This micro-influencer option tends to drive more authentic influencer campaigns and can cost less money than attaching to one social media celebrity.

Pick the Right Person

Influencers must cultivate and deliver authentic content at all times. Honesty, a valuable message, and a believability factor are 100% vital to the success of the influencer and the health and wellness of your business and brand marketing. Vet influencers and make sure they align with your core values. Ensure their content is appropriate to your brand and is fresh, never recycled for convenience, and gives an actual peek into their real lives.

Find an Influencer Who Is Personally Attached to the Brand

This can be a micro or macro influencer – but either way, hone in on people who already use your brand, already love your product, and can sincerely and enthusiastically rave about it. Customers are smart, and they can see right through those who are only in it for the paycheck. One angle to look at that saves money and leverages the reach and power of the micro influencer is using your own employees as brand ambassadors. Starbucks is a great example of a company that uses the power of a team of brand ambassadors to further maximize visibility of the world’s largest coffee chain.

Keep Analytics in Mind to Maximize the Relationship

Just as a stockbroker uses sophisticated analytical tools to keep close, real-time tabs on the value of individual portfolios, it is imperative that brands look to their own analytics tools to ensure influencers are delivering on the promise to maximize the brand in an authentic and honest way. Today’s leading tools allow brands to see the impact of a single post by a given influencer.

Customers are smart. Customers also tend to trust people they know or recognize versus formulaic advertisements. Knowing this, companies will position themselves for the greatest odds of success by carefully cultivating a group of micro and macro influencers who will represent the brand with poise, professionalism, and honesty.

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