Hotel Marketing Solutions for Achieving a Work-Life Balance

Social media would have us believe that people are taking non-stop vacations. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing someone heading somewhere exotic. According to pictures, we have no problem achieving a work-life balance. However, the stats paint a different picture for most Americans.

52% of Americans do not use all of their vacation. Why? They’re afraid they will “look replaceable,” according to research performed by Project: Time Off. Even as companies are trending toward unlimited vacation day benefits and more flexible work schedules, the majority opinion is: those benefits aren’t there for you to use.

Where is this doubt stemming from? Is it from companies themselves or employee’s workaholic tendencies? The bottom line is they aren’t going on employee vacation, leaving unused time on the table, when they could be relaxing and recharging their minds to increase productivity.

It’s no surprise that this decline in vacation is hitting the hospitality industry as well. In 2017, there were 705 million unused days of vacation, which cost the U.S. economy $255B and 1.9m jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Let that sink in for a while.

Not only is the lack of employee vacation causing people to become burnt out and overworked, it’s also hurting an entire industry.

Hotel Marketing Messaging That Matters

As a result of this lost revenue, not to mention lost experiences, for hotel guests, hospitality groups can start developing strategies and retargeting marketing to better connect with audiences. A large part of marketing is generating a feeling among audiences. The best hotel marketing campaigns and solutions make people feel like they deserve to take a vacation.

A vacation doesn’t have to be reserved for summer or the holiday season. It can be a mini-vacation right in their hometown. Creating staycation experiences invites guests to enjoy time away. The goal for hotel brands is to make people feel like they can take a few days off that is both affordable and necessary for a mental recharge.

Another way hospitality groups can retarget their audience messaging is to take out the guesswork and provide a sample itinerary of a customized visit for guests. Using direct language like “Relax” or “Take a Break” in ad copy may seem simple but, it’s a welcome reminder to anyone who needs the reassuring nudge.

Like any other innovative marketing, making a direct connection with audiences is imperative. There are countless ways hotels can rework their online messaging to ensure this top goal is met.

Let Life Imitate Instagram

Achieving work-life balance isn’t as hard to come by as Instagram or other social media channels might have us believe. It could mean enjoying a spa day, visiting a neighboring town, or simply stopping for a cup of coffee.

Hotel marketing and retargeting solutions that encourage guests to indulge in a well-deserved day off not only helps boost the industry itself but improves overall happiness for everyone involved.

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