Has Your Small Business Mastered Local Search?

In our post 'Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Business?' we outlined four strategies to make sure your small business marketing efforts are beating out the competition and bringing in new revenue. Search is just one component of that strategy, but it's critical to your small business' success.

As we mentioned in our last post, 89% of customers start searching for products via a simple web search. This in and of itself is a revealing statistic, but the real kicker is in the next stat: 60% of those searchers don't look past the top 4 search results. 

It's pretty apparent that companies without a search strategy in place are missing out on a good chunk of business. However, only 27% of small businesses have an SEO strategy to help boost their search rankings. In other words, mastering local search will put your business ahead of more than 70% of other small businesses out there! We're happy to help get you started with our new resource. 

While we've already given away our eBook, we're also providing a simple guide on how to get started optimizing your online presence for search. In 'The Guide to Understanding Local Search,' we'll teach you about the different kinds of search listings and what goes into making those top spots in Google search results. 

So what are you waiting for? Download "The Guide to Understanding Local Search" and get ahead of your competition!

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