Getting the Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing

So, you put in the time to convince your boss or client that influencer marketing makes sense for their business. More than likely, you had to share statistics that prove the value and return that influencer marketing campaigns will bring to your brand. After sharing those statistics, providing a few examples of potential influencer partners, and laying out the details of your campaign, you’re ready to get started. But have you asked yourself this question: How do I get the most out of my influencer marketing campaign? Influencer marketing can be expensive, depending on who you partner with, so be sure you leverage your influencer content to its fullest potential.

Follow these steps to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck in your next influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Engage with the Influencer Post

  • Include Content Rights

  • Set Up Branded Content Tags

  • Create Marketing Assets

    • Organic Social

    • Paid Advertising

    • Website

    • Traditional Materials

Engage with the Influencer Post

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen this missed opportunity happen before! When your influencer partner posts their content, be sure to engage with that post. Like, re-tweet, or share, and definitely add a comment to the post. Be human and authentic, providing engaging commentary to their post. Even better, if there are any opportunities to engage with their fans or followers, strike up a conversation. But tread lightly, you don’t want to step on the content creator’s toes!

Include Content Rights

Another missed opportunity can be found in the Influencer Agreement (yes, you should have a legal contract or agreement to cover yourself and the influencer). Unless you specifically include it, the content published by the influencer is still their property. Be sure you include a section that defines who owns the rights to the content once published. If you want to repurpose their content, and you should, then be sure to include that in the agreement. Some influencers may increase their price, but it’s worth the conversation if you want to leverage their content further.

Set Up Branded Content Tags

In June, Instagram announced an update that ties into the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Influencers can now allow the brands they partner with to promote their organic posts as Feed or Story ads—distributing that influencer post at a much larger scale to defined, targeted audiences. We discussed Branded Content Ads back in June, covering what they were, how to set them up, and ways to use them. Once your influencer partner tags you as a Business Partner and grants access to promote, you’ll be ready to start ad delivery!

Create Marketing Assets

Many brands struggle to keep an up-to-date media library. The cost and time that goes into creating both static and video assets can seem daunting, to say the least. Chances are, if we’re partnering with an influencer its because they have rich, engaging content. So be sure to group that with your other creative assets for future marketing materials. 

Now comes the fun part—in what ways can we use our influencer content? Time to get creative, but here’s a start:

  1. Social Media Channels, of course! Be sure to leverage your influencer content as organic social posts. Whether you use it as a Facebook or Instagram Story, a static or video post, or even create a video vignette from multiple influencer posts, share that content on your social channels!

  2. Paid Advertising Channels, for authenticity! Did you know that 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional ads? That’s one of the reasons you’re running an influencer campaign, so if you have rights to the content, test out your influencer post in a social ad!

  3. Don’t forget your Website! Remember that stat from above about how consumers trust user-generated content? The same applies here! Plug your influencer content into landing pages, your homepage, and especially product pages. When consumers see others authentically putting your product to use, it’s only going to make your product and brand more relatable.

  4. Print Materials, because even though we live in a digital world there’s still a time and a place for print! Try adding influencer content to brochures, flyers, or on-site printed materials to add some authenticity to your marketing efforts.

There you have it. Now you know how to get the most bang for your Influencer Marketing buck! Next time you launch a campaign, be sure to follow the steps above to get the most out of your influencer content well after they publish their posts!


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