Gen Z Travel Trends: Understanding the New Kids on the Block

Millennials have had their time in the spotlight, and while they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, Gen Z is hot on their trail and blazing their own path, especially when it comes to their preferred travel trends.

There are similarities between millennial and Gen Z travel trends, but it’s important to create content and messaging that speaks to your target audience and possibly the audience(s) they influence. Gen Z has grown up in the digital age and adopt new technologies quickly.

73% of Gen Z has access to subscription video and on-demand services; 97% own a smartphone. They are technology diverse and have the biggest numbers among four generations for more expensive devices (smart TVs, video game consoles, and tablets. Part of this is due to the quality and cost of devices available today. However, when it comes to travel, this generation is still interested in being fiscally responsible.

This generation wants experiences, exploring the road less traveled, and getting the most bang for their buck when embarking on different excursions. They want options that speak to their personalized dreams and desires, and they want it to be Instagram-worthy.

Marketing to Gen Z

The approach to marketing to Gen Z is to speak to them through different mediums and in several ways. They’re looking at their phones when looking for travel inspiration (63%) and while on vacation (76%) which means the experience needs to continue throughout the entire buying cycle and beyond. A one-time gimmick isn’t going to be enough to convince or engage the Gen Z audience.

To successfully market to Gen Z travel trends, brands need to:

  • Focus on messaging. Connecting rather than selling will capture Gen Z’s interest and loyalty.
  • Create value-driven experiences. How will you make the trip memorable for them?
  • Highlight authenticity. Cookie-cutter accommodations and itineraries simply won’t do.
  • Provide customization. Personal preferences and attention to “the little things” make a huge difference.

Gen Z is looking for a travel adventure, 72% said crossing items off their bucket list is imperative. As a hospitality brand, what makes you stand out?

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