eCommerce UX Best Practices [Infographic]

The eCommerce market has evolved and grown exponentially in recent years. Global eCommerce sales are expected to grow to more than 4.48 trillion dollars by 2021, which is more than double the numbers from 2017. As technology is advancing so are the user’s expectations. Building an online store that’s user-friendly, responsive, and shoppable are all essential components of a successful eCommerce experience.

Designing a money-making eCommerce website can be a challenging task with many factors to consider. What do I want customers to see when they first enter my website? What types of features should I include on the product details page? How can I create a quick and hassle-free checkout process? With all things considered, the bottom line is, you should always design for the user.

We’ve compiled some fundamental eCommerce UX best practices that can elevate the customer experience and result in less shopping cart abandonmentand higher overall conversion.

eCommerce UX Best Practices Infographic

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