3 Ways to Tidy Up Your Website for Spring

Just like other aspects in our lives, our websites accumulate clutter. From old blog posts to outdated imagery, spring is the perfect time to tidy up your site. We’ll share some simple ways of how to streamline your brand strategy, through website maintenance, by saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

Every quarter (at the least), you should plan on refreshing your website by following these three checklist items to help tidy up your website in no time.

1. Clean Up Your Images

An important part of your brand and brand strategy is your images. According to Burkhart Marketing, you should update your ad creative once a month if your campaign has a low per day spend, and once every two weeks if the spend is high. This will depend on the type of business and the ads they’re running, but updating your creative will help you avoid user fatigue. When a consumer sees the same ads again and again, they will lose interest.

Swapping out images should be one of the first points on your website maintenance, spring cleaning checklist. Review the images on your:

  • Home page
  • Landing page content
  • Blog
  • Social media handles
  • Promo materials
  • Ads
  • Google listings

By having this as part of your website update checklist, it will ensure your branding message is current and relevant. It also provides a chance to review what images perform best across your channels. For example, if people-centric images create more engagement, think about increasing the number you use in future strategies.

2. Update Your Content

Another way you can tidy up your website is to take a look at your current content. It’s useful to have an archive of past blog posts, but these blog posts should be on their respective pages (rather than on your home page). When looking through your company’s content, consider your website copy, blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, and any promotional material you have. Are there content pieces that can be archived or updated? Are there topics that can be repurposed for social media, video, or other mediums?

Make sure your content aligns with your current brand voice and the messages you want to share with clients and consumers. Also, identify where there are missed opportunities that can be addressed through content. A FAQ guide often proves helpful to customers or clients who want to learn more about your brand.

Perform industry research and review past analytics to decide where content gaps can be filled and how current content can be refreshed or reused.

3. Perform an SEO Check

Optimize your site through SEO strategies and consider all the aspects of your website that goes into your organic rankings. This could include replacing broken links, updating old or complicated URLs, and performing keyword research to update current content on your site.

Also, consider your interlinking opportunities between your current and upcoming content pieces. How can you make the most of what you’ll be publishing on your site? Create a solid user flow for visitors to your site to keep reading pertinent content. Include CTAs to sign up for a newsletter or download a content piece to keep visitors engaged.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tidying up and optimizing your website. However, by making a checklist of items to review on a regular basis, you can ensure that your website is performing at its best. Site audits can also help you prepare for future brand refreshes or website updates. The more you pay attention to your website on an ongoing basis, the less work you’ll have to do when bigger changes are called for. Use spring as inspiration to clean things up and plan for how you want to improve in the months to come.

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