2019 Instagram Marketing Trends

Instagram is kind of a big deal. With more than a billion users as of of summer 2018, the world’s second most popular social media platform (behind Facebook’s 2.2 billion users) definitely leads in the ‘coolness’ factor. More than 52 million photos are posted daily on Instagram, 40% of all US female mobile users are active on the platform, and 15 million businesses are currently registered on Instagram.

Bottom line: these trends affect cross-department strategy, from creative to paid media to social and content, and can ultimately help create non-siloed approaches. It’s not only about knowing the latest Instagram marketing trends for 2019, but how your company plans to use them.

Use IGTV to Drive ROI

In the past, Instagram users were limited to posting 30-second or shorter video clips, hampering a brand’s ability to connect viewers with comprehensive, meaningful video content. IGTV is the social media platform’s newest long-form option that affords users the option to post up to 10-minute videos and up to 60-minute videos for verified users.

Various research shows that videos are shared and engaged with more than links and text. It’s an opportunity to reach your audience, while also potentially gaining new viewers to watch your videos. Repurpose your written content for video in the form of how-to videos, product reviews, customer testimonials, or any other video that is relevant to your audience and brand.

IGTV will make mobile video sharing and viewing an easier and more pleasant experience for all involved, which will help drive impressions, click-through rate, and brand visibility.

Shoppable Posts

Available in nearly 50 countries and officially live as of early 2018, Instagram now offers shoppable posts. The concept is simple: brands can share clickable links that create a quick connection to products and help support the buyer’s entire journey. E-commerce brands are refining campaigns to reach an Instagram audience.

From launching the app, to discovering a variety of products, to checking out and completing the order, all of this is achieved without ever deviating from Instagram. This system streamlines the ability to use Instagram as a browsing app. Since the platform has always been visually-focused, it makes sense for brands to introduce it for consumers who like to “window shop” online.

Instagram Stories

Consider using Instagram Stories to advertise your brand in 2019. This feature is more popular than ever, boasting more than 400 million individuals watching Instagram Stories each day. An added perk is that ads on Stories don’t have to be as polished and produced as those you’d typically see on Facebook. Rather than simply showing your product in stills, create a mini-campaign that draws people in and leaves them wanting to find out more. Keep the ads helpful, eye-catching, and enticing for anyone who views.

Instagram Influencer Trips

Influencer marketing is a big focus for brands today. Brands are sending influencers on trips or outings and then, creating content around these events that can be shared on their site and social media channels. When planning out content calendars in the new year, think about incorporating user-generated content in the mix. This can be achieved by planning a trip, hosting an in-store event, or creating an influencer takeover of your Instagram handle.

If you’re looking to create additional buzz around your brand in 2019, take advantage of the one billion individuals actively using Instagram today. Outline specific goals and KPIs for each campaign and know that building awareness online about your brand will reap benefits for months to come.

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