2018 in Search - A Review of Human Curiosity

At the end of each year, Google releases an inside look at search trends that defined the previous 12 months. 2018 marks Google’s 20th birthday, and while we continue to talk about the evolution of search, its foundation has remained constant: humans are curious. We seek answers to our questions, details about unfamiliar topics, real-time updates on current events, and endless other points of information throughout the day.

All of these searches--an estimated 1.2 trillion per year--leave behind a footprint of what we liked or didn’t like, and what we did or might do next.

As marketers, we depend on search data to navigate our clients’ industries and understand their audiences as we help them reach their business, reputational, and advocacy goals. As a Premier Google Partner, we also use search data to continually outpace our industry peers, adapt to Google's ever-changing algorithm, and stay ahead of consumer trends like mobile and voice search.

Top Google Searches of 2018

Trending global searches...

  • World Cup

  • Avicii

  • Mac Miller

  • Stan Lee

  • Black Panther

How to...

  • How to vote?

  • How to register to vote?

  • How to play Mega Millions?

  • How to buy ripple?

  • How to turn off automatic updates?

Where is…

  • Where is Villanova University?

  • Where is Croatia?

  • Where is Parkland Florida?

  • Where is Hurricane Florence?

  • Where is Hurricane Michael?

What is…

  • What is Bitcoin?

  • What is racketeering?

  • What is DACA?

  • What is a government shutdown?

  • What is Good Friday?

Source: Think with Google Consumer Insights -- 2018 Year in Search

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