2012 SXSW Interactive Conference Dual Presentation

Tripp Donnelly, CEO of RQE, and Huard Smith, REQ are candidates for a panel at next year's SXSW Interactive Conference, which is being held March 9-18 in Austin, Texas. Voting is now open for the panel - we would appreciate your vote. You can read the full description below, thanks!


The Indestructible Brand: How to Bulletproof Your Brand Online

A brand, whether personal or corporate, is only as good as the reputation behind it. We've all seen the headlines: United Breaks Guitars. Netflix's price increase. Sony's PlayStation hacking scandal. A Congressman's unsolicited yet salacious Tweets. Each of these brands suffered major damage in a very short time because of the amazing power of digital channels and social networks.

And yet while we all know about the immediacy with which the online world can damage a brand and reputation, we don't recognize the power of using these same digital platforms to build and protect our brands before, during and after such inevitable events. Even if such events never happen, these digital platforms have become the best way to define and nurture a brand image and reputation.

This panel, with examples from client experiences, makes the case that a digitally well-built brand, properly harnessing search, social media and mobile-Web digital experiences, is the key to withstanding any reputational damage that may come its way. The speakers will show how to construct a corporate or personal brand that not only weathers any challenge, but actively engages audiences and customers with content you want them to see, wherever they may roam online.

This presentation will distill the challenges faced by brands in a world that is increasingly being defined by Google, Apple, and Facebook, identify the three major areas in which brands need to work to 'bullet-proof' themselves (search, social media, and mobile-Web digital experiences), and provide practical takeaways in each area based on real-world results that the panel audience can use with their own personal or corporate brands.

There is no silver bullet to be found. No shortcuts. No one-time fix that will forever protect your brand and reputation online. The steps to take, while straightforward, are time-consuming and continuously required. Nothing worthwhile is easy! But doing them will not only strengthen your brand and reputation online, they will even shift your and your entire organization's perspective on digital media, how to practically use it, and how it is helping people and companies succeed while others stumble.



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