Cava Grill Restaurant Design


Creating an omni-channel brand experience for an exciting fast-casual eatery


Transform an idea for a Mediterranean-inspired fast casual into a brand strategy inclusive of a distinctive name and identity.

Cava Grill Store Location Branding


  • Brand identity & strategy
  • Website design & development (Custom)
  • Packaging design
  • Creative services
  • In-store ordering technology
  • Environmental design
Cava Menu Concepts


CAVA Mezze Grill’s recipes and ingredients are inspired by familial ties to the Mediterranean with a decided focus on simplicity and honesty. To evoke this imagery, CAVA’s product packaging, interior design, in-store menu system, and digital presence were all designed to evoke a feeling of the clean and contemporary, no-frills canteens of yesteryear.

Since debuting in 2011, CAVA’s authentic, yet modern, brand has expanded to more than 50 locations nationwide, including cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. 

Cava Togo Bags and Shirt Design Concepts

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