Dan Katz

VP, Strategy & Analytics

While Dan Katz largely inhabits a world of metrics and analytics, leveraging technology to drive digital strategy, he works closely with clients and internal teams to ensure all eyes are on the ultimate prize: the brand.

Dan develops goal-focused solutions using a variety of tools to measure return on investment for clients. Over the years, he has worked within a wide variety of client markets, including biotechnology, healthcare, fast casual restaurants, hospitality, energy, and the environment.

Before joining REQ more than a decade ago, Dan worked with Cymfony to enable real-time traditional and Internet news and media measurement practices for communications and marketing teams with a heavy focus on the technology, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries.

Dan also founded the Online Communications team for global PR agency Brodeur Worldwide, where he was responsible for creating and implementing communications strategies for clients such as PerkinElmer, AT&T Network Solutions, SIFH (Selected Independent Funeral Homes), MasterCard, and others.

Dan grew up on Miami Beach and holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master's in Performing Arts Administration from New York University. He currently lives outside Boston with his wife and son.

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December 6, 2018