REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly Talks to Adweek on Brands Taking a Stand

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Washington DC - April 16, 2018 - Adweek spoke to and featured REQ CEO Tripp Donnelly to describe how brands can best go about taking stances and making statements. Drawing on his decade of experience in online reputation management, Tripp illuminated the importance of knowing your audience.

“We often see companies living with old assumptions about who their customers are,” Tripp noted. “Many like to say they’re ‘a data-driven organization’ and then not actually look at the data. They need to have a definitive understanding of who their clients are, especially if they’re going to make a highly politicized or activist statement.”

Along the same vein, Adweek also spotlighted Tripp in an article about brand transparency. Tripp, sharing industry insights, reflected: “Traditional brands can no longer sit on their hands and allow well-scripted corporate statements to shape who they are. They have to be dynamic and understand they’re talking to multiple generations of people.”  

Brands must understand their audience, and understand that it can evolve over time. Through partnering with hundreds of brands across industries, REQ has developed a strategy to build brands from start to finish--and this always includes and emphasizes a robust grasp of the brand’s audience.

Tripp commented on his experience working with brands to comprehend their audience: “Many companies fail to do a thorough audit of their customer base. Those that do are often surprised by what they find.” Surprises are not advantageous to a brand making a statement; rather, they should get ahead of their stance by knowing their audience, anticipating perceptions, and owning their narrative. Read the full article here.