This week, Google hosted their annual Google Marketing Live keynote and announced the new products and innovations that they will be introducing throughout 2018. As these features roll out, it is critical to understand how to access, implement, and optimize these tools.

Ever since I began my digital advertising career in 2009, I have heard the same two click-through-rate (CTR) metrics recycled year after year – benchmark CTR for Search is 1% and benchmark CTR for Display is 0.1%.

An event our team looks forward to every year: the Annual Google Partner Summit. At the New York City gathering, we were joined by over 1,000 members of the digital advertising community from 63 countries, coming from as far as Perth, Australia.

Advertisers have been slowly giving up on Twitter ads in the last six months. But rather than giving up, we recommend advertisers step up to the challenges by diving into data and synchro