Sarah Knoepfler

Who We Are And What We Do

Senior Digital Advertising Director

Sarah Knoepfler REQ

In her role as Senior Director of Digital Advertising, Sarah Knoepfler is lead navigator in the fast-changing online ad world, helping REQ clients stand out in the noise and not only reach - but connect with - their intended audiences.

Sarah believes in customized “out-of-the box” solutions. Whether clients are looking to increase sales, leads, social engagements, or simply get more visitors to their site and cause, Sarah understands that each client is unique and researches, analyzes, and leverages data into an overall online marketing strategy, individualized for each client’s needs. Sarah also ensures REQ maintains Premier Google Partner status by leading AdWords education and certification for the entire company.

Prior to becoming part of the REQ team, Sarah worked as a PPC manager for Jellyfish Marketing, managing international search and display lead generation campaigns targeting Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. She also used her tremendous search engine marketing power for good, volunteering as an e-commerce marketing specialist for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity in England, where she created and implemented the charity’s first e-commerce strategy, resulting in a 76% site usage increase within the first two months of launch.

Originally from Nebraska, Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. But don’t ask her about football, unless it’s the European kind. When she’s not studying online search data, Sarah enjoys traveling overseas, jogging along the Potomac, drinking a nice glass of wine, and playing fetch with her cat Loki.